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Rental Kayaks and Canoes!

These hot days are perfect for getting out on our local lakes and rivers!  We’ve got kayaks and canoes for sale and for rent – renting starts are $35/day!

This was July 4 on the Flathead River above Presentine!


Dagger Axis & Zydeco Kayaks in stock!

The Axis 10.5 is ideal for the eclectic paddler who appreciates relaxing day trips on the lake, but might also enjoy the challenge of a running river and is unmatched in its class!


Zydeco Kayak - The 11.0 adds a stern hatch and bulkhead for more dry storage capacity, an extra two feet in length for a boost in speed and comes equipped with additional bungee for easy access to more gear. It’s perfect for aggressive day trips, gear-heavy hobbies or even an overnight trek. 


Lots of different Models of Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Swift and agile, the spacious cockpit and deeper hull is the ideal day tripper for larger paddlers. A touring kayak that excels in tight, twisting environments – the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125!  We also stock the Tsunami 120 & 135!


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