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Tips on how to keep your hiking boots happy!


  • Keep boots away from direct heat sources (ie. campfires, heaters) which will cause glues to delaminate
  • To speed drying time remove insoles and stuff boots with newspaper to draw out moisture


  • Treat leather with WAX products to maintain the boot’s waterproof capabilities
  • Do not use oil products on leather because this will cause the boots to stretch
  • There are specific Nikwax products that work for a variety of materials your boot is constructed.  Normal Nikwax will work fine for the entire boot upper, but it may darken the material.
  • Be sure to let treated boots sit overnight before using them


  • Your boots are secured to the sole with different kinds of glue.  To maintain the life of your boots you will have to reseal the rand of your boot to the upper with seam seal when needed.


  • Keeping your boots free of dirt, mud, and sand which break-down the materials over time
  • Wipe down your boots with a wet rag between uses

We stock several Nikwax products for your boots!




RMO – Flathead Valley’s Hilleberg Tent Dealer

  • Simple, wonderfully light, and completely free standing, the Allak is an excellent all-around two person tent.

Allak green


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