Ladies’ Night is November 22nd!

Once again, it’s time for Ladies’ Night at RMO, our annual ladies-only evening of shopping and indulging. You can expect:

-20% off all clothing and clothing orders placed the night of the sale
-10% off everything else in the store
-Wine and hors d’oeuvres
-Silent Auctions
-Bonus Prizes

Mark your calendars, and hope to see you there!

RMO’s Annual Recycler Sale is October 19th!

Once again, it’s time for RMO’s acclaimed, annual Recycler Sale. If you’ve been to the Recycler before, you’ll notice that we’re going a week early this year, but we wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to hunt for deals and deer on the same day.

If you’re new to Recycler, the concept is simple: for the month leading up to the event, dig through the closet and garage to find that stuff you don’t use or doesn’t fit anymore. Bring gently used outdoor gear that you’d like to sell in the event in to RMO on Main Street in Kalispell. We’ll work with you to assess a great price, tag it, and put it downstairs.

Then, at 9am on the 19th, the doors open and the horde descends. We’ll have everything lined up and ready to sell out back. If your gear sells, you get 100% of the sale price in store credit to use to your heart’s content here at RMO.

This is a great way to clean out your closet, upgrade your skis, or find a killer deal on gear you need. The line stretched down the block last year, so be sure to get here early!

Some guidelines on the Recycler Sale:
-If we sell the same brands or type of gear here at RMO, there’s a good bet it’s a good fit for the sale
-Whatever you’re bringing in to sell needs to have life left in it. Nobody wants to buy stinky base layers with holes in the armpits, cracked tele boots, or shredded climbing ropes; we reserve the right to veto schwaggy submissions.
-The general idea with pricing for the Recycler is to put a deal on your item that, if you found it, you couldn’t pass up.
-If you’ve got questions, just stop by or give us a call at 406-752-2446

See you on the 19th!

A vetted, modern selection for town, trails, and hills

Whether you’re looking to replace a beloved pair of boots or need a pack that fits you a little better, there are so many options out there. Every year, we comb through the same huge number of choices and bring in our favorites to stock here in the shop.

Our shoe and boot wall covers everything from running to backpacking to ice climbing, in a variety of widths and foot shapes. We carry four different varieties of insoles, a range of socks, and take pride in our boot fitting. You could say we come by it naturally–the building where RMO is located was once the Eagle Shoe Store.

Staying fed and hydrated while you’re out isn’t always simple, but our selection of stoves, cooking gear, filters, and hydration systems can make it easier. We use what we sell, and combine our experiences with customer feedback to refine our choices.

Our pack wall offers everything from running vests to seventy liter gear haulers. Fit is key to happiness no matter where you’re going or what you’re taking there, so we take the time to make sure the pack is fit exactly to your needs and shape.

Come on by or give us a call to check out for yourself!





Ladies’ Nights and Paddlefest: Spring Events at RMO

Green grass, dry rock, and all the kayaks in the shop can only mean one thing: spring is either here, or if it’s snowing, taking a brief day off. Which means that we’ve got a few Spring-y events coming up as well.

April 28th, Sunday: Ladies Night at Rockfish Climbing and Fitness in Whitefish. We’re teaming up with Rockfish for their last Ladies Night of the season. After hours yoga, climbing, chocolate and wine, all starting at 6pm.

May 10th, Friday: Ladies Night in Downtown Kalispell. RMO will be participating in the annual Ladies Night downtown; we’ll be open late with snacks and drinks and specials storewide.

May 18-19th Saturday and Sunday: Northern Rockies Paddlefest at Wayfarers State Park. Every year, Paddlefest is our big kickoff to the spring and summer boating season. Come down to Wayfarers to demo kayaks from Eddyline and Wilderness Systems, as well as packrafts from Kokopelli. The event runs 10am-4pm on Saturday, and 10am-3pm on Sunday.

We hope to see you there!

Nordic and backcountry conditions roundup

It’s the heart of ski season here in northwest Montana–the groomed trails and backcountry continue to offer up fine outings to those willing to bundle up and break out the cold wax.

If you’re looking to find out trail conditions at our local nordic or backcountry areas, here are the links that we use to update our conditions board that we have here in the shop:

Glacier Nordic Club
This page covers the Whitefish Lake Golf Course, Big Mountain Nordic Trails (both upper and lower), and Meadow Lake Nordic Trails

North Shore Nordic Club
This page covers the trails above Lakeside on Blacktail mountain and the Foothills area aka Bigfork Community Nordic Center . Scroll down the page to find current conditions.

Dog Creek Lodge
This page covers the trails located at the Dog Creek Lodge near Olney.

Glacier National Park
While precise local conditions are difficult to get for Glacier in the winter, the webcams are often equipped with temperature sensors that can be read in the border around the current camera picture. The images often are a good indication of current conditions too.

Flathead Avalanche Center
For backcountry conditions, a few pages of the Flathead Avalanche Center are helpful.

Their daily forecasts for the Whitefish Range, Swan Range, and Flathead Range plus Southern Glacier Park are a consistent starting point for any kind of winter backcountry traveler who might be in or below avalanche terrain. Click on the area of interest in the map on their main page (link is above).

The weather station table gives a good overview from rain gauges, Snotels, and other instrumentation around the Flathead:

Backcountry weather forecasts from NOAA
Click through to this page, and then the specific area of interest.

Have fun and be safe out there!

Ladies Night 2018

Do you like good food? Good deals? Good friends?

Well, all that will be in one place on the evening of November 16th for RMO’s annual Ladies Night. Join us for stellar discounts, a silent auction, refreshments, lively conversation, and a few fun surprises!

20% off all fall and winter clothing (including special orders placed on Ladies Night) and 10% off the rest of the store.

The Annual Recycler Sale is October 27th!

Once again, RMO is hosting our Recycler Sale on October 27th!

How it works: you bring in your gently used gear for hiking, backpacking, skiing, etc. We sort out a nice price for it, and hold it in the basement until the 27th of October. Then, along with all the other good stuff, we assemble it out back and at 9am, the assembled horde streams in the door to snatch up the deals.

All (that’s right, all 100%) of the money your gear makes comes back to you as store credit to snag those snazzy things you’ve been dreaming about. New gear for you, and your used stuff headed off to a new life elsewhere: does it get any better?

A few notes:

There are some limitations on what we will accept, loosely based around the condition of the equipment and likelyhood that it will sell. Perhaps the best guideline is that, if we sell it here in the shop, then it’s probably fair game. If you’re wondering, just bring it in or give us a call.

Pricing is always a good question when it comes to used gear. A useful way to think about it is this: if you were to come upon the item you’re bringing in, what would you consider a good deal that you couldn’t pass up? Of course, we’re always happy to help.

It’s amazing how much credit a small group of decent gear can amass–the boots or sleeping bag you want get cheaper with everything you can sell.

It’s easy to wait until the end to dig through what you’ve got, but we really appreciate it when it shows up early.

With just over a week to go, we’ve had a really strong showing of gear from the community. Lots of great deals on excellent gear.

Lastly, a dedicated group cooked breakfast out front last year to secure their spot at the front of the line–bravo.

We’re the Wilderness Systems Kayak Dealer!

Lots of models to choose from – now all kayaks on sale – 20- 30% off. 







We stock Hammer Products!

No one knows more about properly fueling for any kind of exercise than Hammer!


Kayaks on Sale!


The weather’s beautiful, and it’s a great time to get out on the river or lake. And in the spirit of these long, summer days, we’ve put our kayaks on sale. Savings range from 10%-25% off on our whole selection of boats and kayak accessories. Swing by the shop or give us a call for more information on models and specific pricing.