News » July, 2020

Summer Sundays, Masks, and canister fuel in stock

A few shop updates:

This summer, we’re running Sunday hours from noon to 4pm, alongside Monday to Saturday hours of 10am-6pm. If you need something and it’s outside those hours, please call us–we have some options that might work.

As part of the governor’s order, masks are required in RMO as we are a public, indoor space where social distancing is not always possible. Thank you for doing your part to keep our customers and employees safe. If you’d like a curbside contactless pickup, we can certainly arrange that by phone.

We have canister fuel! The threading of our canisters works for small backpacking stoves (MSR, Optimus, etc) and also Jetboils.  There seems to be a shortage, but we’ve got a small mountain of it.

A huge thank you to our customers and our community–we couldn’t do this without you, and we appreciate your support.