News » August, 2019

A vetted, modern selection for town, trails, and hills

Whether you’re looking to replace a beloved pair of boots or need a pack that fits you a little better, there are so many options out there. Every year, we comb through the same huge number of choices and bring in our favorites to stock here in the shop.

Our shoe and boot wall covers everything from running to backpacking to ice climbing, in a variety of widths and foot shapes. We carry four different varieties of insoles, a range of socks, and take pride in our boot fitting. You could say we come by it naturally–the building where RMO is located was once the Eagle Shoe Store.

Staying fed and hydrated while you’re out isn’t always simple, but our selection of stoves, cooking gear, filters, and hydration systems can make it easier. We use what we sell, and combine our experiences with customer feedback to refine our choices.

Our pack wall offers everything from running vests to seventy liter gear haulers. Fit is key to happiness no matter where you’re going or what you’re taking there, so we take the time to make sure the pack is fit exactly to your needs and shape.

Come on by or give us a call to check out for yourself!