News » October, 2016

Chainsen Pro Traction

Chainsen Pro has a record of performance with the thickest elastomer and burliest gauge on both the chains and the spikes for maximum durability and performance!!



Recycler Gear Sale Oct 29!

Sell your used backcountry gear. 
Buy used gear. 
Receive 100% store credit.

Get your used gear in now by October 28 ! 
Telemark, Alpine Touring, nordic, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, outdoor clothing, etc… 
No alpine gear please.


Hokka Tor Summit

The Tor Summit WP features a durable textile upper and a dynamic RMAT midsole that combine to form a lightweight, responsive hiker that will take you as fast and as far as you want in comfort. 

The local reviews have been outstanding – lots of first time buyers come back to get a second pair!


RMO Recycler Gear Sale

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Some pretty nice sandals on sale!