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FVCC Nordic Trail Report – Dec 28, 2012

With the 1 or 2″ of snow we’ve had the last couple days, I’ve been able to groom some trails at the college. Coverage is pretty good, but it’s a bit rough, with some weeds and rocks poking through. But it’s skiable.
With the new tennis court and new road, I’ve had to be a little creative. From the trailhead at the parking lot, the trail winds around the tennis court, down the hill, and across the road down to the river (nicest trail). Heading north from the trailhead, it goes around the community garden, across the creek, up the ‘valley’ behind walmart, up the hill into the upper meadow. From there it goes behind the heavy equipment shop and over behind home depot and the new road.
I’ll be adding more trail and improving conditions as snow and time allows. From Steve Muller – Groomer


Who we are……………

Christmas 2012

Autumn Creek tour with our Japanese visitor.  Her first Christmas and first ski tour.  Wonderful snow and great attitude, Hiroka!

Blacktail Bash Dec 30, 2012 Results


Keelan Gorman             19:28

Eric Ottey                       19:31

Ben Schwaller                27:32

12K Women

Julie Zickwich               45:20

Renee Noffke             46:02      

April Boveng                 49:18

Jenny Montague           49:19

Mona Cuthbert              52:16

Maggie Doherty             53:10

Amber Steed                  54:46

Danni Coffman                82:01

12K  Men

Marshall Opel                 33:57

Fischer Gangemi           34:27

Ruben Castren               35:18

Jim Rucker                      35:21

Zach Heskett                   36:00

Izaak Castren                  36:58

Jason Schmidt                37:01

Tim Noonan                    37:02

Sylas Schutt                     37:41

Don Bauder                      38:04

(#1 age 60-69)

Ernst Visscher                39:40

Chris Ottey                       41:58

Arne Boveng                    42.33

Don Scharfe                 43:42 

(#2 age 60-69)

Karl Boveng                     45:33

Brian Miller                      45:13

Fred Longhart                 45:14

(#3 age 60-69)

Robert Montague           46:05

Aaron Johnson                48:31

Cole Schneider                 48:33

John Maxwell                   50:11

Bruce Jamieson               50:54

Tim Marchant                   51:08

David Banks                       51:46

Mark Ottey                         61:10

(#1 age 70+)

Phil Albert                         65:39

Kent Landon                     75:05

* representing RMO

Thanks everyone for coming and helping support North Shore Nordic Team!



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“Man, that was beautiful!”
A quote from a passholder while skiing the Hellroaring

Highway this afternoon.  All trails are open, with the

exception of Nordmark and the Lake Loop.

Glacier Nordic Center — Whitefish Golf Course

Date: December 26, 2012

Temperature: 17 degrees F

1″ of new snow

Base: 2″

Fully open except Karrow Fingers

Conditions are excellentenjoy your ski!

Ski with Caution-
Thin Spots Over Curbs and Cart Paths

Blacktail Nordic Trails Report

Monday, Dec 10, 2012

Snow Depth 10″

Conditions: 1″ new soft cold snow

Groomed and set track on both Alpine and Powerline.  Upper Alpine & Spur a bit rough from vehicle tracks.

Another 6″ will allow work on Alpine Descent!

Great early season conditions!